Friday, December 18, 2009

Life is More Robust With Children

My children are gone to Mexico on a missions trip...

My Christmas tree has been standing undecorated and judgementally naked in the corner for 2 weeks. My house is quiet and my washing machine has only done one 1/2 load of clothes all week. I have learned to have sympathy for the lonely senior citizens that call my business and want to keep me on the phone for long periods of time to chat and listen to a friendly voice. I feel like one of those old people today. I would make friends with anyone that would listen.

It's snowing- but the kids aren't here to make it seem as magical and fun. It seems cold and messy.

I decorated the tree last night. Children make that seem worthwhile and fun too. It was lonely doing it alone. I also made 3 dozen cookies...and for once- my cookie jar has stayed full for more than 24 hours! I'm not complaing nor whining....I'm simply observing. Life is so much more "robust" with children. I keep finding myself talking outloud....but no one is here to reply...and mind you they rarely do respond or reply...but it's odd to speak and realize I'm the only one here.

Four children take up 95% of my life. Seriously. Do you know how odd it was to get up for church Sunday morning and be ready a whole hour early!!! LOL. I cooked dinner Monday night and fried FOUR porkchops! It's a habit! I'm sick to death of porkchops! LOL.

The lonliness can be good too....reflections of the past year, the growth and lessons...and the quietness of a house sure makes me appreciate the festive atmosphere that children create.

It seems like with all this spare time I have recently inherited....I would be lightyears ahead on the whole Christmas planning, purchasing and preparations....but, it's the farthest thing from the truth!!! Christmas just isn't Christmas without little ones around.

Life is so much more approachable when you look at things under the influence of childrens chatter and enthusiasm!!! I hope I find the spirit of the season in the next few days and will have everything done and ready and festive for the kids homecoming from the mission field!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I heart faces-Autumn Beauty Photo Challenge

This weeks photo challenge is Autumn Beauty. I couldn't help but think of the pictures my 13 year old took last week. ;)

This week is going by slow....and I can't wait for the weekend....but I started the week thinking about the weekend. :)The funny thing is- I don't have ANY plans for the weekend! LOL.

Jakey has been full of funny sayings this week. Today he said, "Mommy, if there are bulldogs- are there also buffalo dogs?" ??? Where does he come up with this stuff?

Gabe is still floating around on cloud 9-twitterpated to the gills.

Sarah completed Wilton's Cake Decorating Course #2 today. I'm soooo proud of her!!

Rebekah and I found out that our two fave music artists are doing a joint show next weekend. Amazing! :) Too bad we can't be there.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Place of Many Bridges

Jacob at our Autumn Campmeeting's Hallelujah Night bonfire.

Things have been chugging along here at a nice pace.I feel like I'm standing in a meadow of many bridges....each bridge leading to another chapter of my that I can put off by not crossing that bridge. I may just stand in this pleasant (though static) meadow for awhile. The bridges lead to change...and right now, I'm just standing...content to be emotionally stagnant.

Our Autumn Campmeeting was one of the best in several years, in my opinion. Our Hallelujah Night (during campmeeting) was great. The kids had a lot of wholesome, old fashioned fun.

Jakey poses in his "Soldier King" costume. Not many of the children dress up at our Hallelujah Night, but Jakey wanted the costume so much...because it had a sword! :)

Here's a picture of my Dad in his shop helping Jacob (not my Jake- another Jacob) and the younger children work on their derby cars.

Jacob in all of his dirty-face glory beams about winning 3rd place in the derby race.

Aside from church- I live under a rock. However, my sheltered little domicile has had a lot of activity under it lately. My son has a girlie friend. He walks around in a twitterpated daze. He has a perpetual cheezy grin pasted across his face. He'll be sweeping the kitchen with a grin...and I know it has nothing to do with my choice of broom doing a superb job. Gabe informed me through his love-glazed eyes looking through rose colored glasses that I've NEVER felt the way he feels. I just smile at him....and secretly wonder if I'll ever feel that way again? I wonder if that bridge even exists.

Speaking of being in love: Today is Friday, which means that I have baby Howie. His weekly visit is the perfect ending to my work week. He smiles at my funny, squeaky words like " Howie-Zowie- Aunty Cass' baby-ka-schmammy." He understands me...and we grin foolishly at eachother. He's a bundle of happy snuggles that smiles in his sleep. Who could resist such pure love?

Jakey went to school with the big kids today. My mom is the teacher of our small private church school and he wanted to do preschool with 'Momert' (the Grandkids call her Momert...long story). Of course, my mother- the most giving, tireless, wonder woman of the world said- SURE! What's another child to look after and teach?
So, Jakey went to school- with a packed lunch and his little alphalfa style cowlick sprayed down. It was a test run for next year....and yet, I still got all teary eyed. I'm glad Howie was here....because I think I would have outright cried. I can wait for next fall. I don't want to cross that bridge either.

Autumn is quickly leading into winter. I have my favorite cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman's Winter Cookbook" out on the counter...tabbed with favorite recipes to make.I also have a Christmas list growing by the day of things to start purchasing.

THis weekends plans include going with my friends Dale and Robin to Hill Billy Hideaway. Its a little country restaurant that serves "Homestyle Southern" foods and has country and bluegrass style gospel singing and comedy on Saturday nights. It's my grandpa's favorite- and I have a feeling I'm going to love it too. I really can't wait.
On Sunday we're having an all out birthday bash at my sisters. We're celebrating FIVE birhtdays at once with a birthday dinner of Martha Stewart propotions!

I've made a deal with one of the men in our church to come and blow all the leaves off my yard (way tooooo many to rake!) in exchange for a homemade lasagna. :) Bartering is what it's all about these days!

My KAH girls had their award ceremony last Friday night and performed a skit acted out directly from the text of Proverbs 31. They were awesome....very well done...very creative! I can't wait to share the video! The girls have completed the Proverbs 31 badge...which was a whopper of a project! It took us over a year!

Pray for us. My children will be going to Mexico in December. I have some big decisions that have been put into motion, and some bridges that are better off left uncrossed.

Shine all your light,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's Life

I had a rough day. Not in a physically challenging kind of way.
I was determined that I was going to chill out this evening. I made a good dinner, we dined on the back deck (doesn't dined sound better than "ate"?)...just the kiddos and I.
As we "dined" on our dinner I was calculating the time, energy, and money that it took to plant our small crop of greenbeans late this summer. We've had one dinner from the small plot of ground. By my calculations- our small pan of green beans tonight was worth about $27. Ha! And ya know what? They were good! But not $27 good. Next year- we'll expand our garden. Do bulk
So, after dinner, our $27 side of greenbeans and clean up...I was determined to sit back and relax. I went into the bathroom to run my bathwater. As I started the jacuzzi jets-I noticed how dirty the toiletbowl was. How could i possibly sit back and relax with that???
Soon after, I climbed into the bubbling inferno of hydrojets with my Southern Living magazine. I laid back and closed my eyes. I tossed the magazine over the side and decided to just veg. After a minute or so I opened my eyes. WHAT IN THE WORLD?? I was surrounded with black goopy crud all in the tub. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I drained. Rinsed. Rinsed again. First the toilet and now THIS!
After an hour I had done three cleansing cycles on the then I was tooo tired to take a relaxing bath- and besides after filling the tub up that many times there wasn't any hot water left AND Jakey was insistent that it was past his bedtime.

I laugh now. I laugh to keep from crying from sheer exhaustion and frustration. All I can do is chalk it up as one of those things and say THATS LIFE! Btw- if you want to know HOW to clean your jacuzzi's the mixture:
½ cup of bleach, 2 tablespoons of diluted Cascade dishwasher granules in a little bit of water. Fill the tub above the jets Start jet massage and let run for approx. 10 minutes. Turn off and let stand for about 10 minutes. Empty tub. Let stand for another 10 minutes Fill the tub above the jets with fresh water Start jets for about 5 minutes Stop the jets and empty the tub Repeat this procedure at least twice initially and maintain a regular maintenance schedule for optimum performance of your jetted unit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I is Me.

About a year ago I was going to have a small sign made for my kitchen that said, "Country Girl at Heart". My sister asked Who is that for?? (lol) She laughed when I told her it was me. She wasn't being mean...she just looked at me like my body was possessed by another being.

Then- I post on FB that I would like to build a chicken coop and have chickens. BOTH of my sisters chime in regarding how this notion seems so UNLIKE me.

So, I'll keep my secret desire for a pet lamb to myself for awhile. ;)

Yes, I are more likely to come to my house and find me working on a blog, downloading a new texture filter for Photoshop or scrolling through my phone at FB updates. LOL. However- that doesn't reallllly define me. Not really. Right? Just because that's what I do- doesn't meant that's who I am? Okay. That wasn't a good argument. (sigh)

I've had lots of changes in my life. Most recently, I've moved farther into the country and although I am living squarely between two houses-both within shouting distance.. my property goes wayyyyyyyy to my sisters house. (grin)

My little "trial gardening" stint has gone well....and next Spring I plan on enlarging the plot from 3 little rows to 3 BIG rows. :) I'm pacing myself.

So, although you see me as a blogging geek- wearing Lisa Loeb glasses, fully integrated and wireless, app loving, i-pod wearing my heart I love red rainboots...and potting sheds and the idea of having a chicken coop...with a window box. It may not last long....but at least I'll know that I tried. :)

Back to the case inpoint: I am me. I may not fit in a box- (in fact, I know I don't-cuz, Jakey and I were playing hide and seek...and....well, that's another blog) and I may not subscribe to Farmer's Almanac- and I don't fore-see me growing acre's of organic cotton or becoming a working farm hand ...
There's that little part of me that wants an adventure outside of the office... to dig, watch things grow and maybe- just maybe one day get outside and collect eggs in the wee morning hours...right after I had a grande caffe' vanilla light latte and have updated my Facebook status. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...September 29th from Casandra's Daybook Journal

Outside my open sky, blustery winds...Jacob said that the trees were "hyper!"

I am thinking...I need to figure out WHY I keep waking up with kinks and cricks in my neck and shoulders.

I am thankful stay at home job.

I am black sweater (first time this year!), a burgundy tanktop and my favorite white lounge/ pj pants with burgundy hearts on them. :)

I am remembering...To thaw out dinner.

I am take Jakey on a hayride at the pumpkin patch this Saturday!

I am reading...I FINALLY finished A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick last night. :) The story of her grandmother's life as a photographer in the early 1900's.

I am trusting...That God will direct my steps....a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

On my mind...I.R.S.

From the learning rooms...Preschool with Jakey- we're learning about Mexico. I'm also planning our KAH class for Friday. We're learning calligraphy and about "Abiding In the Vine".

Noticing daughters are maturing faster than mommy's ready for them to.

Pondering these words..."
Photographs that make one take in a breath while being drawn into the image. It is what I want in my life too, those moments of sharp breathing, perfect clarity, fully drawn in." from the book A Flickering Light.
From the kitchen...On the menu tonight: baked chicken breast and rice casserole, yeast rolls and salad.

Around the house...aerating the yard and planting new grass seed

One of my favorite things~taking pictures that freeze a moment- or lead us to the next.

From my picture journal...

A picture I took of Baby Howie earlier this week....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Girl's Day Out

Yesterday, my neice, sister, "utter" sister Christi, my girls and I all went to the premier of the Mandie & The Secret Tunnel movie in Greensboro. If you have daughters then you're probably familiar with the Mandie books.

The Christian stories are wholesome, adventuress and exciting...a mix between The American Girl series, Little House on the Prairie and the TV series, CHRISTI, based on the story by Catherine Marshall. I like having something positive to give my girls to read. Mandie & The Secret Tunnell was filmed in NC, and told the story of a small band of Cherokee indians who were saved from the Trail of Tears in the 1800's. The indians integrated with the white family that saved them. The movie is based on the search for a family will- which turns into unraveling a mystery that is intwined with many years of half- truths, hidden alcoves and family secrets.
Although the movie was a tad confusing in the beginning with the director trying to set the plot and characters....I was a little lost betweeen the switching timelines and characters; however, the storyline quickly gained momentum and interest and was well worth the experience.

After the screening, the cast was on hand for a friendly "Meet & Greet" signing autographs and taking photographs with young girls. There are more Meet & Greets happening around the country- and if there isn't one near you- the DVD is available online for only $15. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Contrariness of Time

All summer I've had a series of countdowns: moving day, baby shower, Rob's wedding, the baby's birth, company coming and school starting back..... counting down- mentally checking off months, weeks and events that lead up to "moment".

It's been one of those summers of HURRY UP & WAIT!

Now, for all of Father Time's dilly-dallying all summer- he sure has hit high gear with the turn on September's calendar month.
This week alone (and it's only the 3rd!) we've had a baby born, school start, company will be here tomorrow and Spanish lessons start tomorrow too! It's been NUTS.

Why can't events pace themselves throughout the year? Why does everything sit back and jump on ya all at once?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cougars and Other Things

The engagement and wedding to Mr. Pilot is called off. It's okay. It's all for the good. So, I'm looking for a newer model. Hmmmm....does that make me a cougar? (lol)

The good news is my credit union has a "dating service" where they'll find the best match for me and just let me pick from the ones they find me. :) If not- I'm okay with what I've got. It's good, comfortable and decent. And...mine. ;)

The upcoming week is going to be nuts. Nuts-I tell ya!

Saturday is my yard sale. I have 3 people coming over to sale stuff with me. :) I plan to soak up some rays at the same time- because I'm as white as a pale albino. Seriously, my brother asked me if I live in a dungeon. Sad. ;(

Pete fixed my fountain for me. I'm grateful. ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Engaged To A Pilot

On Saturday I stopped in at Vann York Honda to look at a Honda Pilot that I had seen online. I ended up bringing the Pilot home over the weekend. :) I am "engaged" to the Pilot- but not officially married to it! (ha!)
Tomorrow afternoon, if the interest rate and pricing are agreeable I will enter into a binding agreement with my Pilot that will marry me to a monthly payment. (grin)

Today was a beautiful day. I woke up early and repotted some plants, planted some mums and sat on the back with Lady Templeton drinking coffee and listening to the birds. A cathedral of trees and a choir of nature. ;)

The girls and I, with Drea's help, planted three rows of late blooming vegetables this evening. I am looking forward to the rewards of our labors. ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jakey and I are leaving to dinner. We have been home ALLLLL week and need to look at something other than these walls. :)

Volker text me earlier this afternoon to let me know he has touched down in NYC. :) He should be on his way to San Fransciso by now. So excited.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This morning Volker leaves for Frankfurt. He's flying to NY in route to SF and then back to NY. From NY he will drive to PA, DC and many other in between locations on his way to NC.

Kerri will arrive here on 9/4-and Volker will roll in sometime on the 5th.

I feel like our adventure begins when Volki's wheels take off from German soil. I can't wait to hear of all his adventures, discoveries and experiences in the USA.

Pray for my friends travel safety! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gatepost Watermark!

I'm so excited. I've got my first REAL photo shoot...someone who ASKED ME to do their photos instead of me asking THEM. :)
Also, since I've started posted pictures online I'm having a watermark made for my photographs which will be on all photos.

My portrait business will be Gatepost Portraits- so my watermark is going to be an iron gate. I'm really excited. :) I feel like I'm finally making headway in obtaining a dream. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deep Waters

Have you ever heard the saying, "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?"
I happened to have watched a televangelist the other day. I won't name names, mainly because I don't remember it, but also because I'd never want to offend a little one who may find nourishment from the milk of the word that's said from these people.
However, I was watching this person 'minister' and my heart was grieved. Sincerely grieved....not in a fault-finding, judgemental way, but a sincere, heartfelt sorrow. To think that this person is on TV presenting their ministry as a well-spring of living water....and yet when you really watch and listen and judge their spirit- you find a dried up well. This person is on TV because they've found a local niche on a cheap station, late at night where they can sell their books, crosses and god-forbid...the holy water colon cleansers that they've marketed in the name of God to old ladies with insomnia....and clogged colons.
I'm pretty sure that at that moment I felt the same stirring that Jesus must have felt when he turned over tables.

I heard someone tell the story of visiting an orphanage in Uguanda to see their sponsored child. He toured the orphanage and played games outside with all the children until dinner time. The dinner bell rang. They lined up at a pump and washed their hands in hot, brown water. He followed the chidlren inside and sat down at the table with all the children. When he saw the cup he was expected to drink from he was sickened. He said he was served a dirty glass, full of the same hot, dirty water they had washed up in. He looked up at the little children seated around the table- and they drank willingly and greedily- without thought.
It was all they knew. It's the only water they ever had.
Some of our American churches have become that way. They drink greedily from the half dripping, luke-warm, rusty pumps behind their pulpit. The young Christian has a sincere desire to grow in the Lord, drinking deep because they don't know anything different.
I was speaking to a friend about their new youth group at her church....the new youth leader was newly imported from a big city church, with all kinds of new plans,game nights, music concerts to attend and even christened the youth group with a new trendy name and mass produced cool T-shirts. She used the term "innovative outreach".
But I HAD to ask it......Are we REALLY giving our youth anything PROFITABLE (other than a cool t-shirt) when all we do is get them together for Wii Sports tournaments on the churches big screen??? For heaven sakes, the Boy Scouts offer better than that! At least they can read a compass! Is this what our youth ministries have turned into?? Are we equipping them for the ministry? Are we imparting to our youth a sincerity to grow in the grace and knowledge of God? Why aren't our kids WORKING in the ministry? Why aren't our kids BURNING with a desire to hit the streets with tracts and Bible books? Why are they blending so well with the WORLD? Why does a youth prayer meeting sound so far in left field? Many Youth groups have turned into a collective "half in-half out" haven of luke-warm activities to ease parents minds, and give the kids an outlet for social interaction with a set of "church approved friends". We need to invest into our children's spiritual future. Don't just assume that because their playing games with kids in the same church that you attend that thier getting spirtually fed. Our youth are wandering far out to sea....far from the shore....there's water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Sometimes, I feel like that man did sitting at the long dinner table in Uganda. Looking at the fellow diners with tears in his eyes. He said that at that moment- with all his heart, with all of his soul more than anything in the world he wanted to put in a fresh, deeeeep well that would pump cold, cold water into the hands of those children.

I want to be a well spring. I want to be a gushing river of fresh, clean untainted water.
Not a hole in the ground that fills up after a rain. You know, there's those kind of Christians too. The kind that are reflectors- the kind that go to revival meetings and will fill up and be gushy moist for a few days....but then a little exposure to the heat of life and they dry out. I don't want to be like that...I want the water to be from deep come FORTH.
Psalms 23 says that he will lead us beside still waters.....I want to be one of those resting places for young Christians, for seeking souls and lost sheep that have unwittingly been separated from the flock....A place to find rest, peace and cold, cold water.A well that when looked into will reflect the face of the Savior....

Shine All Your Light,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Behind The Eyes

Doesn't this just crack you up?

  • Tomorrow is my second to last photography class.

  • Sunday is Howie's baby shower

  • Exactly 4 weeks until vacation. YIPPPPEEE!

  • Exactly 3 weeks until school starts back

  • Mike & Christi got here tonight. Their going straight to their new house and staying there for the first time tonight.

  • My heart breaks for someone and I can't show it. :( Too complicated.

  • I finally hung the pictures in my room today! (FINALLY)

  • I've written half a song- titled "You Got Me Feelin' Like I Do"

  • I know post for 4 Twitter accounts, 3 Facebook's and 3 Xanga''s no WONDER I never have anything to say!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Hidden Retreat

On Sunday evening I discovered an awesome find. A dirt path that leads down to a dilapatated tobacco barn, a pond and an open meadow.....the glowing sunset lit up the meadow and reflected golden light off the tops of trees and if the ground hadn't have been so saturated I think I would have just sat there until Jesus comes back. The amazing thing is that this treasure- this retreat from all that's modern- is on the very same road that I live on.... to think...I ride my bike there any afternoon....and watch the sun set on the old barn day after day.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aging In Place: Bathroom Safety

Aging In Place: Bathroom SafetyJuly 21st, 2009
With the housing market being as it is many Americans are choosing to age in place instead of moving to retirement communities. As a result, there are many new safety products, community services and options for seniors citizens who choose to remain at home during retirement and beyond.
The key factor to “Aging in Place” is to be able to plan ahead for service needs, or mobility issues that you may not be facing now.
A walkin bathtub may seem like a luxury now, but in the future it very well may be a necessity. A walk in tub effectively reduces many risks associated with bathing. The number one concern of many seniors is the fear of stepping over the side of the tub- and with a step in bathtub you’ve eliminated the hazard of losing your balance while stepping into the tub.Slipping in the bathroom causes serious injuries to thousands of senior citizens annually. Although our Hydro-Elite Series has a textured floor in the tub- you want to make sure that you have well placed, rubber backed safety mats on all slippery floor surfaces.There are many tips and safety procedures that you can followed to ensure your or a loved ones safety. For more tips check out our blog archives under keyword AGING IN PLACE

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Tale of Pigtails & Obedience

I think I'm starting to feel at home in our new house. For the most part things are put where they go, boxes have been broke down and stacked up.Family pictures line the hallway and I can walk through the house in the dark without slamming my shins into stuff. I tend to wake up earlier than normal lately.... early yesterday morning before church when I was sitting in the dark hours of the morning talking with the Lord. I sat pondering in amazement at His intricate detailing and how He's masterfully knitted our lives together with occurences, events, people, heart-to-heart talks, snot cries- relocations, relationships and even heartbreak. All of theses events in our lives have been part of a very large plan not just for our lives, but the lives of others...and ultimately for the Kingdom of God! ( we tend to get really near sighted sometimes in our spiritual walk and start thinking thinking in terms of HERE & NOW...but the Kingdom of God is eternal- God is working on a much larger scale than our "home" or "community" or "country"...his measuring rod and plans aren't for here and now necessarily- but how will it effect time and eternity?)

Thinking in these terms-(kind of mind boggeling if you really let your mind go in that direction....) I started reflecting on events and circumstances in my life...and it struck me how truely mysterious God's Ways are! How a seemingly "here and now" insignificant gesture can change lives forever....and how that small gesture has a boomerang effect on the lives around it...and soon the "butterfly effect" is in full swing and lives are changed around the world over a small, seemingly insignificant kindness.

Sitting in my living room yesterday morning with my Bible in my lap- I was remembering when I was about four years old....Jakey's age. I obviously don't remember all the details of the circumstances- but this old lady knitted me two yellow and creme colored ponytail ties. I loved them- and she told me that they were to wear to church. We didn't go to church. (looking back I'm sure she realized that!) She was a nice old lady (I was pretty shy as a little girl) and I remember really liking her. I don't know how my Dad knew her and I don't know what the relationship was between my parents and this older lady- but next thing I remember is this old ladystarted picking me up in a big old van to go to Sunday School. Faithfully.

I don't know if she lived next door or three towns away- but the old lady picked me up (and sometimes my sister too...(if I remember right) and we went to an old Assembly of God church to sing upstairs with the "big people" ( I specifically remember asking to sit on the front row close to the piano player so that I could watch her hands move across the long keys) and then go down steep white stairs into the basement for Sunday School. I remember learning the song "Peter, James and John Went Fishing" and I remember really liking the flannel story board images.

Every week I would bring home papers from Sunday School and my mom would read the simple stories of Jesus, his disciples and the simplicity of salvation. It wasn't long before the old lady wasn't picking me parents were driving me to a family. Of course, there are many other details and chapters to this story....but the point that I want to make is this......

She used her talent of making things as unto the Lord- as a tool to reach out to a little girl and a young family. She was faithful in the SMALL THINGS. Ponytail holders don't rank up there too high in the greater scheme of things.....but the moral of the story is that she was obedient. She reached out and was faithful in the small things- she picked up a visitor for Sunday School-she brought her home with stories and coloring pages. She was kind. She was willing.She was faithful.

So I sat there yesterday morning pondering the ladies faithfulness (I don't even remember her name!) 30 years ago to the Lord...and I can't help but picture her picking out some leftover yarn from her basket- begin knitting those ponytail holders for a little girl that she hardly knew...and I refelected (with teary eyes) the effects of her kindness all these years later...To imagine that my Dad is a minister in NC- he's been around the world preaching the gospel, he's been in the "spiritual trenches" in battle for the sake of the Lord, he's been used of God to perform miracles, to build churches, to build back lives that the devil has tried to destroy...all of this..... the result of that ladies obedience.

What about the differences my mother has made? What about the children that have been in my mothers Sunday School classes? Consider all the women that my mother has counselled over the years...the children she's had sitting at her desk in our private school? The people in foreign countries that have received tracts, food, clothing and medication because of my mothers devotion to the ministry? All because of ponytail ribbons?

Sitting on that front row watching the piano player put a desire in a little girls heart to learn the piano...all these years later, I am our churches pianist. Do you see the effects you can have just by simply being in church and doing YOUR PART?

That ladies willingness to plant a tiny seed produced an orchard of fruit bearing trees for the Kingdom of God!

Don't despise the small things. Don't ever get weary in well doing.

Be Faithful. Be Obedient. Make a difference.

Shine All Your Light,

Friday, July 10, 2009


Tomorrow morning I start a five week photography class. I'm really excited to participate and learn!!
Many times I see a good shot but don't know how to go about "capturing" the shot....the lighting the ambiance of the moment. I hope this class educates me and expands my horizons. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Why does everyone post pictures of fireworks on their facebook walls?? Unless their really fantastic photos- people just really aren't interested in seeing blurry images of fireworks. If you've seen one "fireworks" photo you've seen them all- ya know? I'd much rather see pictures from your picnics- your kids doing sparklers and 3 leg races- eating watermelon and sitting in lawnchairs waiting for the fireworks to start. :) That's just my 2 cents. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Encore

The Encore Walk In Tub
June 22nd, 2009 Remain Active Walk In Tubs introduced The Encore to the Hydro-Elite Series in 2007. The Encore is known as our “celebritry of all walk in tubs” due to it’s dual-massage options. Featuring 22 injected, heated air jets, 6 fully adjustable water jets and an inline heater you can see why The Encore gets our customers standing ovation after each “performance”!

The Encore is specially priced for July 4th at only $4999- this price includes faucets, handheld shower head freight and extension kit.

For more information The ENCORE or The Hydro-Elite Series please call our office at 1-800-397-1123.

When I had my first child 16 years ago my mother was amazed at the technology available to new mothers...everything from ultrasounds, battery operated swings,dripless sippy cups to premedicated nursing pads.

Well, I now know my mother felt at the advancements....12 years later I had my fourth child and walked down the baby store aisles in amazement at the progression of technology in such a short order of time; Bedside video monitors, battery operated chewy toys and then there was the new "womb monitor" which I was so excited to try.
I loved the idea of being able to put the headphones on my older children and let them hear and feel the baby. The children anticipated hearing hic-cups, kicks, movements and a heartbeat....unfortunately all we ever heard were odd swishy noises....never got to hear his heartbeat (even at full term) was a little disappointing.
The PRO is that the kids had great fun putting the monitors on their own stomachs and even ingeniosly discovered that you could put the monitor on the wall and hear conversations through the walls.....
The monitors were fun to have- but not for the purpose we had intended. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Challenge America

Remain Active Walk In Tubs works with the VA hospital to assist veterans to help them remain active, safe and mobile. Remain Active is proud to be able to provide our veterans with products that help them rehabilitate and lead a fulfilling and active life!
From time to time we feature other organizations and programs that share the same vision and goals as Remain Active and who are doing their part to assist, service or sponsor programs that promote active lifestyle amongst veterans or seniors.

This week we are featuring Challenge America a charity that works with communities across America to provide occupational and recreational programs for returning wounded soldiers.
Challenge America grew from a yearly program called Challenge Aspen that assists people with disabilities. Challenge Aspen was so sucessful and fulfilling-and the need for assistance so great that a spinoff program assisting our veterans was developed. Tonight is the campaigns first money raising concert at the Kennedy Center for performing arts. Hosted by country music legend, Vince Gill and his wife Amy Grant. The concert will raise money to launch the new campaign to give back to our soldiers who have given so much. The concerts other guest stars include Alison Kraus and Union Station, American Idol's Melinda Doolittle, Michael MacDonald and many others.
"There will be lots of music and laughter. The evening will bond us together and make us feel what I feel every time I'm in Washington. We are still what George Washington proclaimed us to be: we are the great experiment. We are constantly inventing who we are, and the world is watching. We've got to reinvent how we care for our soldiers because they are coming back with lives that need to be led in very vital ways." Amy Grant

"I'm excited about getting to share what we believe in so deeply. We want to make an impact on the individuals that have given to us in unimaginable ways. Challenge America 2009 is our way of honoring the men and women who truly are heroes." Vince Gill

Friday, June 5, 2009

Salem Mobility Joins Our Network of Dealers
June 5th, 2009

Remain Active Walk In Tubs is pleased to welcome Salem Mobility to our network of dealers. Salem Mobility is North Carolina’s largest provider of electric wheelchairs, scooters, diabetic shoes, hospital beds and other geriatric aids. Remain Active is excited about being able to reach a wider market and meet more needs in the Carolinas!
Salem Mobility has recently moved to a larger showroom from where they are able to service customers across North and South Carolina.
Salem Mobility carries the full line of Hydro-Elite Series Walk In Tubs and will be providing installation by a licensed contractor. A display of the Hydro-Elite Series is on display in their Clemmons, NC showroom.
For more information on Salem Mobility, The Hydro-Elite Series or having a tub installed please call our offices at 1-800-397-1123.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

American Standard Walk In Baths offer customers a comfortable, safe, full body soak. American Standard walk in baths make it safe and easy to enter and exit the tub and experience the benefits of bathing. Every American Standard walk in bath includes a large walk-in tub door, buil-in contoured seat and deep soaking dimension for a safe and comfortable full body bathing experience.

American Standard Walk In Tubs come in many convenient sizes to fit your bathing or remodeling needs.

Various Sizes from American Standard Walk In Baths Line:

All of American Standard Walk in tub's are designed for optimal health benefits. A deep warm soak or therapeutif massage is great for arthritis, obesity, rheumatism, back pain, sore knees and other common ailments. Experince the healing benefits of water therapy safely and in comfort!

The American Standard Walk In Baths feature whirlppol systems with back and leg therapy and incudes the automatic tub cleaning system which breaks down all bacteria in the water., whirlpool jets and piping to elimate the maintenance.
The series also incluse the Air Spa System which creates thousands of air bubbles in the bath for a soothing massage of water, heat and air resulting in a relaxing champagne massage. Both, the water and air systems, can be combined into a combo massage unit offering the most comprehensive water therapy available!

The American Standard proudly offers patented features such as the water tight door system, the Quick Drain for faster water removal and chromoatherapy for the ultimate bathing experience! All of American Standards Walk in baths are available with inline heaters, neck rests, tub extender kits and as well as a variety of other features.

For information on ordering a walk in tub please call: 1-800-397-1123

Friday, May 29, 2009

Get Motivated!

View of the stage in the Greensboro Coliseum from where we were sitting

On Wednesdaytwo co-workers and I went to the Get Motivated Seminars in Greensboro NC. The keynote speakers were Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller, Sully the pilot of the Miracle on the Hudson flight....and many others.

It was a great day with great advice from well experienced leaders in the corporate world.

Colin Powell was my favorite speaker-he spoke on the characteristics of a good leader. He shared great stories and insight from behind the scenes moments as Secretary of State. I'am happy to share some of the things he spoke about.

Here's some of my notes:

  • A good leader invest into their followers
  • Award efforts made- even if they aren't successful.
  • Lead by example.
  • Validate
  • Be hard headed but soft hearted.
  • Build trust, trust, trust- a good leader has the respect and trust of his followers/employees/family etc, etc.
  • Don't be afraid to cut losses.
Secretary Powell spoke about Ronald Reagan being so easy to follow because he was resolved to abolish communism and to unite Europe. President Reagan believed with all his heart that communism was an evil empire that needed to be destroyed. Powell said that because of the conviction of Reagans beliefs that he would have followed him into any battle to destroy communism....the passion of the mission in Reagans heart was tangible.

The point of the story was that you have to lead by example- be transparent in your mission- have conviction (even in sales or marketing) BELIEVE IN THE GOAL and people will follow and pitch in to assist. It works in politics, it works at home- it works at the office!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Have you used Shutterfly printing services? I heart Shutterfly.
I have uploaded thousands of pictures to their website and have used their services for years to print photos, create collages and personalized gifts.
In the past I have used other photo printing companies and was disappointed with the printing, stock of paper use, shipping time, time to upload the files and the overall quality control.

I've never been disappointed with Shutterfly.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More About VBS

Today Steph and I went to lunch together and then took the boys to Walmart for haircuts and more VBS supplies.
I found out that I will be doing Germany & Colombia. (sheesh!)
Chuck and I worked on the Missions Passport tonight. The girls rode with Andy to SC to get Steve.
I'm off to find a download of a german speaker.

gute nacht!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today I spent the day with Sarah, my 11 year old.

She helped me find things for my VBS booth. She helped me pick out stickers, stamps and costumes.

I'm always amazed at her capabilities. She's tenacious and strong. Sometimes too tenacious.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Remain Active Walk In Tubs

Remain Active Walk In Tubs offers a selection of walk in tubs with hydrotherapy in many sizes. I am always impressed by the updated features to the tubs, and the way that the public's opinion really matters to the company.
I think my favorite tub they offer is The Encore walk in tub with both water and air jets. The tub has six water jets, an inline heater and 22 heated airjets.
The tub is beautiful and doesn't look institutional like other walkin tub companies that I've looked at.
Remain Active also carries the entire American Standard Walkin Bath line which offers a vast variety of options that other companies don't have such as the quick drain, chromotherapy and aromatherapy!