Monday, June 27, 2011

Hippie Street Revival

I don't know this ladies name- or the name of her band- but she had an awesome voice and sang "Proud Mary" with such charisma that everyone was up and out of their seats.

I've never seen so many Birkenstocks in one place.

This guy was funny. He said that he meant to wear his Bell-bottom shorts....but they were dirty.

This baby was so cute- she kept clapping and say "Yay!"

A Kurzweil and a Hammond. Bliss.

The main event of the night. The lead guitarist was so much fun to photograph

A drum and dance corp came out during intermission

Winston-Salem at dusk.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Visit to Mayberry

A place where grown men are transported to childhood

Southern roots grow deep and can sprout up anywhere ;)

A place where Opie is still seven and the love and respect for Aunt Bea will never waiver or fade

The law is still revered and citizens still pass eachother with a hello on the street and visitors are given a genuine welcome

Where your worth is measured by your values- not your monetary standing.

Some things never change in "Mayberry " Andy Griffith talked about eating here as a child...and mentioned the restaurant in two of the Andy Griffith Show episodes. In later interviews he mentioned Snappy's again saying that he could buy a soda and bologna sandwich here for five cents.

Live music in the outdoor ampitheatre featured all genres of music and wholesome fun.