Sunday, May 13, 2012

Did You Hear About Mary Jones?

Did you hear about Mary Jones? She was quite the woman! She was married to a wonderful man and had three children.  She was the perfect example of a "room mother" at her children's schools....and the Cheerleader Coach of one of her kids teams. She was also on the PTA. On Tuesday nights she volunteered at the library as a member of the "Friends of the Library" club and on Thursdays she hosted the ladies book club; on the weekends she taxied her kids to CubScouts and Glee Club...and then raced home and  hosted the "Christian Singles Club" in her home. On Sunday Mornings she brought  Sunday School snack and helped in the nursery.

The community LOVED HER! They knew that Mary Jones was the lady to go to for anything that needed done. In fact she raised more money than ANYONE to put in new turf at the Country Club!!!

One day, Mary got sick. She was sent tons of flowers from various organizations, associations, civic clubs and church groups that she was members of. The cards were signed by people that her family could vaguely place names they'd heard with faces they'd rarely or had never seen. Mary died at home surrounded by her children and loving husband.  After much thought and consideration by her family Mary Jone's epitaph read this:


 Keep it real. Keep your priorities straight...and above all: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE LADIES OUT THERE!!! :)

SHINE!!! <3

Picture credit: FLICKR by Bryan Burke