Friday, May 28, 2010

An Antebellum Timewarp

This is a post I've wanted to do for quite sometime...and I figure Memorial Day is as fitting of time, as any, to honor the American Flag. Actually, everyday is a day to honor the heritage, hope and freedom that the American Flag symbolizes...but I'll spare you my patriotic speech. :)

For those of you who know my blog- but not me- I grew up in California (mostly). However, I have lived in the south since 1992. If you've ever visited the south you know that if you have a porch- you have a flag. It may not always be an American flag, it may be one of those designer doo-dawdy flags...and more times than not- a confederate flag. (fyi:On my street of about 12 homes there are two confederate flags flying...that's how common they are....or, maybe it's just that I live in redneckville.)

So for this California girl- the whole southern tradition of flag flying was new and intriquing.
And the porches....oh my, the southern porches are phenomenal. Charleston, Savannah, Wilmington, Atlanta, Richmond and many, many, many small towns inbetween boast of beautiful detailed woodwork, tons of dental-teeth molding, wide-welcoming steps, ornate gates and fences all softened by ferns, begonias and the beckoning creak of a porch swing in motion...and more times than not- a flag dutifully, beautifully snapping in the breeze.

As I walk through the old southern towns with the touristy carriages clopping down cobblestone drives- sometimes it's easy to be era-less...and to be caught up in an antebellum timewarp of southern hospitality and traditions.
All of these pictures were taken in Wilmington last month...I will do another "Porch and Flag Post" for July 4th.

Have a fun and safe weekend! Fly a flag, honor a veteran and above all- Shine All Your Light!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Photographic Jaunt Through The Last Month

The last few weeks have been crazy. Crazier than normal. And- if you know know that's pretty, darn crazy! Life comes at you fast...and time passes even quicker- like a vapor in the mist...a weavers shuttle...or a passing train. Just when you think you have things figured out and can focus.... things change and the present reality vanishes into thin air.

This time last month I was headed to Oak Island with my friend Robin for a long weekend. This time-this month- I'm headed into a very full weekend consisting of our annual campmeeting, lots of company, many late nights of church services and VBS.

This picture was taken at Orton Gardens & Plantation in Wilmington, NC during my weekend at the beach. I LOVE wrought iron gates and structures. One of my favorite verses is "I am the way"...some Bible's translate that as "I am the gate". Although I'm a KJV user....I really like that translation. The gateway to life and all that's good.

So- back to our jaunt....

Campmeeting is a big deal around here. The church family has been working non-stop preparing to host our annual revival over Memorial Weekend. This is a picture of Sarah and my mom. Sarah is one of the toughest little workers I know.

While the church family labors every Saturday in preparations for campmeeting, I have disappeared from the work roster and have been taking a portrait class taught by my friend Mark Stewart.

AND- For the record: Honestly, I didn't know the workdays were going to be extended through the whole month of May.... Anyhow, the classes are GREAT on every level. New technics. Fresh critics from creative viewpoints. New friends. New shooting locations. Learning to be bolder in what you shoot- and learning to communicate to the subject in a more concise and professional manner....which my children have informed me I REALLY needed to learn. Apparently, I lacked the "bedside manners" that paying customers would appreciate. *LOL*

I have discovered a fact which I already knew but has now been vindicated. I photograph children better than I do adults. I connect....on their level...if you will.
This young lady was one of our models for one of our classes. She was such an eager and photogenic subject. She listened well and paid attention...and even had her own ideas about how a picture should turn out. I learned that listening to the model is a great way of capturing their personality.

And...then of course...I also learned that if you make funny faces at little ones...don't be surprised when they make them back!!!

Here's a reflection of me on one of my photo jaunts in downtown Wilmington.

The day after I came back from the beach I began a new lifestyle. I started waking up before 7 AM. And I started going to the gym. *It's okay if you just fell out of your chair. I understand. I still can't beleive that CASS the cranky if up before 8 girl is at the gym by 7:15 in the morning and bouncing around.* I would probably see more results (than just dark circles under my eyes) if exercising didn't make me so darn hungry!! I come home at want to eat everything in sight!! My mom is ordering me some protein mix so that should help. I'm feeling sooooo much better though.....until I realize that my son will be 17 on the 29th...and then I realize that the dark circles under my eyes may be a result of age- not the lack of beauty sleep. :( Life does come at us fast. Does Nationwide offer insurance against that? :)

Gosh. There must be something in the air....cuz I never post pictures of myself!! And just to prove me's another one of Airlie Gardens

Watch for a special memorial day picture post of American Flags and southern porches.
Shine All Your Light,


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, The Drah-mah.

This week has been say the least.

On Wednesday I lost Jakey. I didn't really LOSE him...I just...temporarily couldn't locate him. ;)

It was just moments after finding him asleep on the floor, under the bar and barstools (which I had passed a zillion times in panic, screaming his name) that my mom called and said that my neice, Lilly, was being taken to the hospital. Lilly's a tiny thing- only 8 years old and her blood sugar levels were above 600. She has been in the hospital since Wednesday and has been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. She's such a trooper though! Much braver than her Aunt Cass, the trypanophobic spazz.

So, as if that's NOT ENOUGH. On Thursday morning, while my mom is at the hospital with father falls off a roof. A support joist cracked beneath him and he came down with a thump. My nerves just didn't seem they could take much more. I'm so grateful that our lifelong friend, Dale, was there with my dad and was able to assist him. Dad is fine. Lilly is fine and Jake is found. However, my nerves are still a little frayed.

I started going to the gym last week. I've gone steadily now for 2 weeks. I can see where a person could become obcessive about weighing and measuring (not that I have) but all the same- it would be a tempting pleasure to see yourself melt away inch by inch. Instead, I'm only measuring once a month. That way it's one big Oreo milkshake worthy celebration! :)

In addition to starting at the gym I also started a portrait class. So far we've had two classes with two hands-on workshop type of outings. I'm really enjoying the series and meeting new people.

Our annual campmeeting is in two weeks; which means my VBS plans need to be wrapped up and ready to roll. Yikes.

Gabe will be 17 in just 2 or so weeks. :( This mommy doesn't adjust well. Oh the drama that goes on within me. Knowing I have to let go and let him experience things for himself- but the inbred nature of a mother that holds on so fiercly. It's one of those things that your mind knows but your heart can't comprehend.

I've got to get ready to go. Have a blessed weekend. Pictures are soon to come. ;)

Shine All Your Light,