Monday, April 26, 2010

Like, duh.

This weekend I learned that the life of a photographer has been highly overrated and glamorized. : ) That's right. I know. Shocking! {rolling eyes} I'm so clueless sometimes. I shared my revelation with a friend and she said, "Like, duh! It's a passion- and any money or fame you earn from it is sheer luck." I dont want fame, but, "like, duh!" money would be nice.
Last weekend I shot a writers festival at the Jamestown library. The event was nice with authors, poetry reading, book signings, demonstrations and lots of chit-chat and intermingling. I was grateful that I was asked to photograph the event, because it made me get out and do something out of the box.I thoroughly enjoyed the morning in the library.

The library is a restored public school house that was built in the early 20th century. The original wood floors are still intact- and put off that warm golden glow when the sun shines through the windows. There's something to be said about being surrounded by tall cases of books- I'm not sure whats to be said about it- but- there's definately something to be said!

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I also attended another photoshoot on Tuesday night. It was knock your socks off awesome. I sorta float from one cluster of photographers to the other at these big events- watching, listening and miming what they say to do. (that's how I learn....I soak it in and then try it) I was so inspired after I left that I came home and tried more lighting technics. It's so much easier with a pro standing over your shoulder than by yourself!! :)Our photo group has some awesome guys (and gals) in it that are so willing to demonstrate and teach thier techniques and share their's like revival to the photogs soul. ;)


On Saturday, I passed an antique store and just had to turn around, and do a second take of the very special sale they had going on. It was a POLLEN SALE...anything with pollen on it was 35% off. :) Basicly, EVERYTHING was on sale!

I will be updating from the road. I'm spending the weekend with friends on Oak Island. I promise lots of fun pics from our weekend. :) We plan to rent bikes, tour a plantation, see some lighthouses and do nothing but eat, read and sleep and snap pictures. Because, like, duh! I need the downtime.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zeroing It Out

I attended a photography lesson about light modification a few weeks back. The instructor, Chris Goette said the most important thing to do the night before a photo shoot is to zero out your camera settings. Wipe out the settings so that you're fresh to run the next morning- under new conditions. Yesterday was a rough day, and this morning as I laid in bed thinking about all that transpired I applied Chris' lecture to my heart. Today is a new day, the lighting, focal point and subject matter is different. Yesterday's film has been developed and the image is forever imprinted in history....but today I need a fresh start. I asked the Lord to help me reset my heart and my mind. To zero out all the "default human settings." Reformat my memory card- so to speak. :)
The past weekend was bee-yoo-ti-ful! I was finally able to go take pictures of Jamestown for a photo project. The Jamestown Business Association asked for some pictures of local sites and landscapes...and Sunday afternoon was the day of choice for such a project!

The lake at Jamestown City Park

This small museum is located at the park...behind the dogwood tree is a small cemetary dating back to the Revelutionary War era.

The Dogwoods are in bloom

The entrance into Jamestown at the corner of Guilford and Guilford College Road