Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gardening By Numbers.....

It's kinda like "Paint by Numbers"...but not really....It's more like, "One, Two--skip a few-- ninety nine- One hundred!"

ONE: Trailer to haul tractor

TWO: Peeps in truck to pick up the tractor

THREE: Really hick country songs on radio before Cass changes the station ;)

FOUR: Eyes locked on each other in a defiant stare down of wills
FIVE: Feet down the road before Boyscout changes the station back

(skip a few)

 SEVENTEEN: Mile drive to pick up the tractor at the farm

 THIRTY THREE: Yards of gravel driveway to the farm and shed

(where the tractor lives) Isn't it pretty?

(Sedum blooms at sunset)

EightySeven: foot wide garden

Onehundred: Degrees picking 4,789 Lima beans *lol*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Circularly Things That Turn....

What are these things called? Because, apparently, I have a fetish for these little spigot-esque handle thingys....which is news to me. I have lots of obcessions and interests, but who knew that this was one of them? 
Mr. Boyscout had heard tell of a rather important local landmark being demolished- and felt it was our patriotic duty to crawl between locked gates and under No Trespassing signs to chronicle the things that are- which will soon be the "things that were".
I have over 200 photos of this location- so plan on seeing more.....but today I'm just sharing these circularly things that turned.

This is the bottom side of a fire escape.... 

A THIS SIDE UP view of the staircase

 Worthy of a Pulitzer price? Nah....but I do like the contrast of the blue
against the yellow

Tons of handles, dials and knobs in this place!

The turbines. There were originally 7 or 8- but only two remain. These large wheels were attached to a conveyor system of belts that kept the plants machinery cool by a man made lake used to pump water through the facility. This is on the bottom level of a six story building. Notice the natural lighting at the rear of the picture? That's right.....enough sun coming through SIX STORIES of FLOORS into the basement. At one time this facility was the bustling den of 10,800 employees, a railroad house and several "Sister Plants" within a few mile radius.

More pipes with wheels and handles in the separate quarters for the railcars and engineers.....
It's amazing to walk through this dusty, desolate and abandoned empire of industrialism. Half of our town is named after the family that owned this facility. The labor, the lives the relationships and the town that was built within the confines of this mega-structure at one time was the backbone of our community.....and now, it's awaiting demolition. Although I have no personal ties to this family or business it was hard not to feel a pang of loss or melancholy over what was- but will never be again. The deafening silence screamed through the  brick skeleton that once was the hub of life for our town.
There is a season for everything...a time to plant, a time to sow---a time to give and a time to receive....a time to build and a time to tear down...the words of this scripture rang true on this Sunday afternoon.

It wasn't difficult to walk through the halls of this place and picture the industrial age in full swing- the ladies at the desks, the men in the offices in derbies and waxed mustaches, the shrill sound of a train pulling in to station, squeaky cart wheels loaded with textiles being pushed from one work bench to the other, the jovial calls of fellow workers one to another, the hissing of steam....the clacking of typewriters. It was as if so many years of these activities had buried the scent and sounds into the old walls...the building still breathed of bustling activities- the shadows still held the secrets of cigarette break whispers and employee gossip....The building had the personality of an old lady with a tired smile, but shimmering eyes. This old building still knew its worth, still held its head high with proud memories. She knows that it had a good, long, prosperous life and was content knowing she was going the way of all life... back to the dust and ashes with the knowledge and pride of a life well lived.

There's more of this story (and pictures) to come. I had culled over 200 pictures from this shoot....and am itching to get more uploaded. ;)

Shine all your your life to the fullest- and remember it's better to be kind than right.

Shine Upward! Cass