Friday, February 18, 2011

Catch Up: 52 Week Challenge

I'm a tad late (imagin' that!) gettting my Photo Challenge pics posted from last few weekends...which explains why I would have never committed to the 365 challenge! I have a month worth of weekends to make up for! So here goes....

I had the opportunity to attend a "Ballerina" themed photography club meetup. The ballerinas came and participated as our models. There were some wonderful shots by other photographers...I'm just there to learn and this is one of the better ones I got.

My Studmuffin! This is Gabe going to his girlfriend Cate's birthday dinner. He was dressed so nicely! I think he's quite a hunk!

This picture is from a church dinner. They celebrated the older gentlemen Howard's 85th birthday-he is surrounded by his children and family members.

On Saturday  2/5  I took Jakey to Home Depot for their monthly Kids Workshop. Did you know that every Home Depot has a free wood project for kids. Did you know that you DON'T HAVE to wake your child up super early, shove food down his throat and drive like a wild maniac to get there at 9 AM on a Saturday? Well, I know that now....they do the craft project from 9-12. It doesn't START at 9 and LAST and until 12. It's a floating craft time. ;) So, now YOU know! See how informative blog reading can be?

In other news:

  • I've been going to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University for the last six weeks. Very enlightening. He has a way of bluntly pointing out my lack of responsibility and accountability with my finances. No more running away and doing trips on the weekends....I have to save, invest and be frugal. What a party pooper! HA! If you have the opportunity to do the 13 week course- I HIGHLY suggest that you do. My boss paid for the class for me as a Christmas present....and the money and time invested will pay off in many, many, many ways!
  • The last few Sunday's sermons have been a study on the Beautitudes. The study guide is from a book titled, "The Beautitudes From the Backside" by  J. Ellsworth Kalas. Very insightful. After learning the political upheaval in the area during that time period and about the Romans taxing and taking over the region, etc,'s very enlightening to hear "Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Putting ourselves in the midst of the political and spiritual climate of the day this sermon must have really raised eyebrows and caused quite a stir! Studying the sermon on the mount from a new perspective over the last few weeks has made the text new and inspiring to me too! ;)
  • Ooooh. I have big, happy news to share too! I'm going to see The Celtic Women in concert next weekend!
  • God has been blessing me with several free-lance SEO jobs lately. They ( jobs) keep falling in my lap.
  • God also blessed me with new tires for my van. Talk about a BLESSING- I was going to have to go tire shopping and these also fell into my lap....good thing I have a big lap!
  • More big, happy news! I have a very big secret. I can't tell. :) I'm a terrible secret keeper. Just terrible. <----- See, if I was a good secret keeper I wouldn't have even said this! Ha! But someone is having a baby. I can't tell WHO. Or WHERE. But someone is. :)
  • I have been in a Zumba class for several months now. It's somewhat of a love/hate relationship between Zumna and I. I love to hate it. :D  In all seriousness, I've never had sooooo much fun exercising in all of my life. It's great...and oddly enough- I'm hoping to get a smaller lap. I know I'm a corny nerd....but hey, I think it's funny.
  • Last Friday was my Doodle-Bug, Sarah's 13th birthday. Because it was her Dad's weekend with her we will be celebrating her day tomorrow. We are going to see Gnomeo & Juliette and do some clothes shopping.
Shine All Your Light.... Cass