Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cougars and Other Things

The engagement and wedding to Mr. Pilot is called off. It's okay. It's all for the good. So, I'm looking for a newer model. Hmmmm....does that make me a cougar? (lol)

The good news is my credit union has a "dating service" where they'll find the best match for me and just let me pick from the ones they find me. :) If not- I'm okay with what I've got. It's good, comfortable and decent. And...mine. ;)

The upcoming week is going to be nuts. Nuts-I tell ya!

Saturday is my yard sale. I have 3 people coming over to sale stuff with me. :) I plan to soak up some rays at the same time- because I'm as white as a pale albino. Seriously, my brother asked me if I live in a dungeon. Sad. ;(

Pete fixed my fountain for me. I'm grateful. ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Engaged To A Pilot

On Saturday I stopped in at Vann York Honda to look at a Honda Pilot that I had seen online. I ended up bringing the Pilot home over the weekend. :) I am "engaged" to the Pilot- but not officially married to it! (ha!)
Tomorrow afternoon, if the interest rate and pricing are agreeable I will enter into a binding agreement with my Pilot that will marry me to a monthly payment. (grin)

Today was a beautiful day. I woke up early and repotted some plants, planted some mums and sat on the back with Lady Templeton drinking coffee and listening to the birds. A cathedral of trees and a choir of nature. ;)

The girls and I, with Drea's help, planted three rows of late blooming vegetables this evening. I am looking forward to the rewards of our labors. ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jakey and I are leaving to dinner. We have been home ALLLLL week and need to look at something other than these walls. :)

Volker text me earlier this afternoon to let me know he has touched down in NYC. :) He should be on his way to San Fransciso by now. So excited.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This morning Volker leaves for Frankfurt. He's flying to NY in route to SF and then back to NY. From NY he will drive to PA, DC and many other in between locations on his way to NC.

Kerri will arrive here on 9/4-and Volker will roll in sometime on the 5th.

I feel like our adventure begins when Volki's wheels take off from German soil. I can't wait to hear of all his adventures, discoveries and experiences in the USA.

Pray for my friends travel safety! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gatepost Watermark!

I'm so excited. I've got my first REAL photo shoot...someone who ASKED ME to do their photos instead of me asking THEM. :)
Also, since I've started posted pictures online I'm having a watermark made for my photographs which will be on all photos.

My portrait business will be Gatepost Portraits- so my watermark is going to be an iron gate. I'm really excited. :) I feel like I'm finally making headway in obtaining a dream. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deep Waters

Have you ever heard the saying, "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?"
I happened to have watched a televangelist the other day. I won't name names, mainly because I don't remember it, but also because I'd never want to offend a little one who may find nourishment from the milk of the word that's said from these people.
However, I was watching this person 'minister' and my heart was grieved. Sincerely grieved....not in a fault-finding, judgemental way, but a sincere, heartfelt sorrow. To think that this person is on TV presenting their ministry as a well-spring of living water....and yet when you really watch and listen and judge their spirit- you find a dried up well. This person is on TV because they've found a local niche on a cheap station, late at night where they can sell their books, crosses and god-forbid...the holy water colon cleansers that they've marketed in the name of God to old ladies with insomnia....and clogged colons.
I'm pretty sure that at that moment I felt the same stirring that Jesus must have felt when he turned over tables.

I heard someone tell the story of visiting an orphanage in Uguanda to see their sponsored child. He toured the orphanage and played games outside with all the children until dinner time. The dinner bell rang. They lined up at a pump and washed their hands in hot, brown water. He followed the chidlren inside and sat down at the table with all the children. When he saw the cup he was expected to drink from he was sickened. He said he was served a dirty glass, full of the same hot, dirty water they had washed up in. He looked up at the little children seated around the table- and they drank willingly and greedily- without thought.
It was all they knew. It's the only water they ever had.
Some of our American churches have become that way. They drink greedily from the half dripping, luke-warm, rusty pumps behind their pulpit. The young Christian has a sincere desire to grow in the Lord, drinking deep because they don't know anything different.
I was speaking to a friend about their new youth group at her church....the new youth leader was newly imported from a big city church, with all kinds of new plans,game nights, music concerts to attend and even christened the youth group with a new trendy name and mass produced cool T-shirts. She used the term "innovative outreach".
But I HAD to ask it......Are we REALLY giving our youth anything PROFITABLE (other than a cool t-shirt) when all we do is get them together for Wii Sports tournaments on the churches big screen??? For heaven sakes, the Boy Scouts offer better than that! At least they can read a compass! Is this what our youth ministries have turned into?? Are we equipping them for the ministry? Are we imparting to our youth a sincerity to grow in the grace and knowledge of God? Why aren't our kids WORKING in the ministry? Why aren't our kids BURNING with a desire to hit the streets with tracts and Bible books? Why are they blending so well with the WORLD? Why does a youth prayer meeting sound so far in left field? Many Youth groups have turned into a collective "half in-half out" haven of luke-warm activities to ease parents minds, and give the kids an outlet for social interaction with a set of "church approved friends". We need to invest into our children's spiritual future. Don't just assume that because their playing games with kids in the same church that you attend that thier getting spirtually fed. Our youth are wandering far out to sea....far from the shore....there's water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Sometimes, I feel like that man did sitting at the long dinner table in Uganda. Looking at the fellow diners with tears in his eyes. He said that at that moment- with all his heart, with all of his soul more than anything in the world he wanted to put in a fresh, deeeeep well that would pump cold, cold water into the hands of those children.

I want to be a well spring. I want to be a gushing river of fresh, clean untainted water.
Not a hole in the ground that fills up after a rain. You know, there's those kind of Christians too. The kind that are reflectors- the kind that go to revival meetings and will fill up and be gushy moist for a few days....but then a little exposure to the heat of life and they dry out. I don't want to be like that...I want the water to be from deep come FORTH.
Psalms 23 says that he will lead us beside still waters.....I want to be one of those resting places for young Christians, for seeking souls and lost sheep that have unwittingly been separated from the flock....A place to find rest, peace and cold, cold water.A well that when looked into will reflect the face of the Savior....

Shine All Your Light,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Behind The Eyes

Doesn't this just crack you up?

  • Tomorrow is my second to last photography class.

  • Sunday is Howie's baby shower

  • Exactly 4 weeks until vacation. YIPPPPEEE!

  • Exactly 3 weeks until school starts back

  • Mike & Christi got here tonight. Their going straight to their new house and staying there for the first time tonight.

  • My heart breaks for someone and I can't show it. :( Too complicated.

  • I finally hung the pictures in my room today! (FINALLY)

  • I've written half a song- titled "You Got Me Feelin' Like I Do"

  • I know post for 4 Twitter accounts, 3 Facebook's and 3 Xanga''s no WONDER I never have anything to say!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Hidden Retreat

On Sunday evening I discovered an awesome find. A dirt path that leads down to a dilapatated tobacco barn, a pond and an open meadow.....the glowing sunset lit up the meadow and reflected golden light off the tops of trees and if the ground hadn't have been so saturated I think I would have just sat there until Jesus comes back. The amazing thing is that this treasure- this retreat from all that's modern- is on the very same road that I live on.... to think...I ride my bike there any afternoon....and watch the sun set on the old barn day after day.....