Friday, December 18, 2009

Life is More Robust With Children

My children are gone to Mexico on a missions trip...

My Christmas tree has been standing undecorated and judgementally naked in the corner for 2 weeks. My house is quiet and my washing machine has only done one 1/2 load of clothes all week. I have learned to have sympathy for the lonely senior citizens that call my business and want to keep me on the phone for long periods of time to chat and listen to a friendly voice. I feel like one of those old people today. I would make friends with anyone that would listen.

It's snowing- but the kids aren't here to make it seem as magical and fun. It seems cold and messy.

I decorated the tree last night. Children make that seem worthwhile and fun too. It was lonely doing it alone. I also made 3 dozen cookies...and for once- my cookie jar has stayed full for more than 24 hours! I'm not complaing nor whining....I'm simply observing. Life is so much more "robust" with children. I keep finding myself talking outloud....but no one is here to reply...and mind you they rarely do respond or reply...but it's odd to speak and realize I'm the only one here.

Four children take up 95% of my life. Seriously. Do you know how odd it was to get up for church Sunday morning and be ready a whole hour early!!! LOL. I cooked dinner Monday night and fried FOUR porkchops! It's a habit! I'm sick to death of porkchops! LOL.

The lonliness can be good too....reflections of the past year, the growth and lessons...and the quietness of a house sure makes me appreciate the festive atmosphere that children create.

It seems like with all this spare time I have recently inherited....I would be lightyears ahead on the whole Christmas planning, purchasing and preparations....but, it's the farthest thing from the truth!!! Christmas just isn't Christmas without little ones around.

Life is so much more approachable when you look at things under the influence of childrens chatter and enthusiasm!!! I hope I find the spirit of the season in the next few days and will have everything done and ready and festive for the kids homecoming from the mission field!!!!