Friday, July 29, 2011

These Moments

Jacob has been a very keen piano student lately. His eagerness to expand his repertoire from early beginner Alfred songs like "Left and Right" to songs like "Glorious Day" by Casting Crowns is pretty ambitious. After each lesson he asks, "Do you think I can play the piano in church.... tomorrow?" I'm not sure if his desire to be used by the Lord supersedes his desire to be admired. We'll have to work on that. :)

One thing is certain:  nothing supersedes his enthusiasm and motivation. He works very hard to make sure his hands stay curved, his back stays straight and that his chair is just the right distance from the piano. He keeps his shoulders back and leans slightly forward....just like the drawings and how I instructed him.

There's nothing sweeter than a little time with your little one imparting to them something that you love. Music has been a lasting gift and refuge during my life....

Shine all Your Light- Cass

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mother Goose Has A Day Out

Mother Goose knows where to go to get her bargains! She was having a girls day out with her other mother friends :) Great bird brains thing alike. ;)

She's quite nosey, in my opinion.  She was shopping for back to school deals- well ahead of the rest of the mother hens out there. She wanted to know all the details of what I had left the store with.

She followed me all the way to my van. I told her how nice it was to catch up with her, but that I really did need to go home and take care of my own little gaggle of ducklings. ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Highland Games: Where You Get Your Kilt On!

 This year was our second pilgrimage to the Highland Games. Honestly, we're really not there for the 'games'...but for the atmosphere, the people, the music, the clans that are dripping with tradition and the love of heritage and motherland. There's a mixture of vibes in the air: gypsy, hippy and tradition. People camp on the mountain from Thursday-Sunday. The tents are wolly-wompus (as far as I can tell) piled on top of eachother- tartan and confederate flags flown with equal pride side by side.

I am- and always have been a people watcher. There is no shortage of sites, people or "what the heck?" moments on Grandfather Mountain during the games. :)  At the end of the day- when all was said and done- everything had been touched, gawked at, tried or tasted- it was the music that is everyone's favorite part of the day.

This man was my fave last year- and this year too. I don't know his name nor his bands name...but he's a high energy performer doing it all: drums, bagpipes, singing and even said he wrote a few songs too.

This picture was taken by Sarah. Don't know this bass players name or band name either...but he was in Maxwell House the last drop. ;)

A warrior with a soft-heart. He was more than willing to pose with the girls. Jake wouldn't get near him.

One of the clans had their booth set up with the history of their ancestry being that they guarded the Kings Castle and properties. This helmet was on display to let the kids see how the clan dressed during the reign of Kings and Queens. The helmet was suprisingly heavy.

By mid-afternoon- Rebekah was positive that she was a Scottish Lass from the yon heather moors. I kept telling her she would LOVE the Highland Games.....and it didn't take long for her to believe me.  She was given the opportunity to participate in a celtic fiddle workshop while there.

Tartans, tartans and more tartans. I think I dreamed in plaid Saturday night!

The Highland Games: Barbarians Welcome and Celebrated!

Sarah me lass with a Scotland Flag.

We met the neatest vendor. Her name is Syntheia Finklepott. (really, it's her name!) She threads silken fiary hair into your hair....they're really pretty and she said they can last as long as 8 months!

Jakey had quite a day- at the end of the afternoon he caught his second wind and was ready to tackle this rock wall- and his fear of heights. Well, at least he tried to.

Cello at the fiddle workshop

This is the fiddle player (no, really?!) from Mothergrove the Celtic rock band. They are a powerhouse of energy and fun tunes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OHIO: A Celebration of Small Town USA

This barn is somewhere near Dublin, Ohio.

Nelsonville, Ohio.