Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook Post

A recent picture I took in Greensboro

I am Thinking: I should be working- not blogging. :)

I am Thankful: For provision....from the most unlikely of sources. God truely works in mysterious ways.

From the Kitchen: I am slowly thumbing through my new cookbook by Ree Drummon called "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" I love the pictures, stories, quotes and ....Oh yes, the recipes! :)

I am Wearing: flannel pants and fleece hoodie...and I'm still cold!

I am Creating: A grocery list. bleck.

I am Going: Grocery shopping. Double bleck.

I am Reading: Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans.

I am Hoping: To go pick up my new ballhead tripod mount tonight!! Oh yay!!!

I am Hearing: Jake humming and grunting as he builds a blanket tent.

Something You May Find ONLY at My House: Lady Templeton our pet tortoise is hibernating in my daughters bedroom with a decorated shell.

From my Journal: A little quip from my last entry, "Words that were like cold water on a dreamers pillow. I feel like a Jane Austen novel coming to life."

From my Heart: My heart is ready to let go and move on with my life- and yet everyday- my mind has to remind my heart that we're moving forward.

From my Bible: I have found such solace in Psalms 144:8 recently.