Monday, January 11, 2010

Like A Herd of Turtles

My son Gabe worked with my cousin Billy about a week ago, and came back home with a number of new of them has really stuck with me (and Gabe). They were supposedly at a stop light behind a granny driver, and Billy said in a wry tone, "And were off! Like a herd of turtles".

That saying kind of sums up my New Year to date. We're off...running-full steam ahead, but there's little distance to measure for all of my sweat, action and effort! I crack up picturing a herd of turtles at the races....but, I'm simple to humor like that. ;)

There's a lot going on; however, I don't think much of it would make for a very interesting blog. Currently, my life can be summed up in short statements and bullet points.

  • Christmas was delayed by 15 days for my family due to my parents being in Mexico on an extended missions trip. So, we just "had" Christmas on Saturday.

  • Last night was Rebekah's first violin recital of the year. I wonder if every mother there thought their child was the best? I know this one did. :)

  • Baby Howie has cut a tooth. Can I even begin to express how much I love him?

  • Gabe was of the misunderstanding that electives are "free subjects" and were subject to his desire to do them or not. It wasn't anything that a healthy dose of being grounded from EVERYTHING hasn't cured. I'm amazed at the miraculous turn around and to see how GOOD he is at business math/accounting!

  • Playdoh. It's on my table all day everyday...with rollers, pokers, cutters and squeezy-things.

  • I have some upcoming photography expeditions on the calendar

  • I have two Christmas gifts that I've yet to mail off (shocking, right?)

  • I have my thank you cards spread out across my desk for my bday and cmas gifts...I'm so pathetically behind on everything
  • My birthday was a week long and friends are SOOOO wonderful. I had four "out to eat" birthday dinners!! Two of them with the same two people!! It was just soooo good the first time we did it again!

Shine All Your Light,


Friday, January 1, 2010

Wrapping It Up

Being the chronic procrastinator that I am- I'm here on the 1st day of the New Year still wrapping and packaging Christmas presents...celebrating my birthday (which was 12/27) and trying to make an agreement with the IRS for LAST YEARS taxes. *LOL* Isn't it funny how the things that we CAN put off we do....but God forbid if my FB status goes un-updated for more than 24 hours.

I've been reflecting on many things this past week. The last year has been a tremendously hard one for me- the struggles have caused me to grow and spread my wings. I'm feeling like I may be okay for the first time in a very long time.

I don't know what the New Year will hold for me- but I do know this- in spite of my struggles, trials and shortcomings- and no matter how the next year unfolds....God is ALWAYS on time. ;)