Friday, August 26, 2011


Jakey started 1st grade at a new school yesterday. Last night was our first PTSM meeting. PTSM is like PTA- but it stands for "Parent Teacher Support Ministry". I like that. School is not "school" it's a ministry. And, if you've ever been involved in private schools, co-ops or homeschooling- you know exactly what I mean.

I was expecting a regular sit down-read the minutes- principal make some nice comments- pass around a volunteer sign up sheet- type of meeting.  I was very surprised. The pastor of the church came to the meeting and gave one of the best 15 minute, most convicting, passionate and love filled exhortations. EVER.
The seromon had four points to parents and I really want to share them with you.

  • DELIGHT- Relish the moments. Your children are more than laundry pile makers, orthodontic bill stackers, food eaters, mess makers. When was the last time you TRULY stopped and delighted in your children?
  • DISCIPLE- It's our HOLY OBLIGATION to disciple our children. Lead, guide, direct, nurture in the admonition of God. You disciple by demonstration. Discipling is done through scripture and love. It's different than punishment and judgement.
  • DEVELOP- train our child way they should go. Develop character, respect, honor, loyalty. These things are developed and cultivated in our children. Sometimes it takes punishments to "develop" character.
  • DISCIPLINE- Pastor Callahan made a distinct difference between "Disciple, develop and disciplining" our children. Discipline. You cannot love your children and NOT discipline them. 
Another wonderful thing from the meeting last night is that Pastor Callahan "made up" his own motto- inspired by I Corinthians 13.

Now abideth school, church and home, but the greatest of these is home.
Gentle reminders for an overwhelmed mom on the go. Delight in the Lord. Delight in your children. Delight in the small stuff. Delight in the mundane. Delight in their very presence and being. Sounds easy. But life comes at us so fast, harsh and unyielding. 


Wednesday night was our last night of summer. I told Jakey I would take him out to dinner for ANYTHING he wanted. He chose SHRIMP! So he and I headed out to a seafood restaurant. He talked about SHRIMP the WHOLE way yummy, good and wonderful it sounded. He asked if he could get it fried and boiled. He asked all about catching shrimp.Cleaning Shrimp. Cooking shrimp. Have people ever had shrimp as pets? How big does a shrimp have to be before its not a shrimp anymore? Have shrimp have ever been trained to be in the movies? We talked about every aspect and angle of shrimp imaginable. And when we got there- the "little shrimp" ordered cod-fish. LOL. Isn't that the way things go? But ya know what? I was DELIGHTING in my little man. It was just him and I. 
 DeLIGHT yourselves in the Lord and SHINE all your light!  :) 

Love, Cass

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Eyebrow Whisperer

I had one of those experiences Saturday that leaves you chuckling to yourself and wondering, "Did that just REALLY happen?

I needed to have my eyesbrows waxed-and ran into a store and the lady there was surprisingly able to get my right in. The place was VERY busy with manicures and pedicures and I was surprised that the waxing lady wasn't busy as well.
So, they bring me back to this quiet little room and have me sit up on a table- very much like you would at the doctors office.
Then, she turns on a bright examination light- very much like they would use at a doctor's office. 
Then, she puts on gloves. I was starting to sweat, because I have an acute case of doctoritis. I don't like being "examined". And I was feeling very much like I do when I'm at the doctors office.
The little asian lady pulls the blinding light closer to my face. Her eyebrows knit together as shes looking me over. She kept staring. Thinking. I was beginning to think maybe this was all a misunderstanding? I wasn't asking for anything other than having my eyebrows waxed. I was truly concerned for a brief moment.
Then in her clipped accent and broken English- while still scrutinizing my face she very matter of factly said, "Whoevah do your eyebrahs mess up your face. Your eyebrah too fahr apart. Make you nose big." (she demonstrated the obtrusive length of my nose by drawing in the air with one hand- while still holding my bangs back and staring at my face.) "You face too long.Too skinny." Then to really drove the point home, with her doctors lamp, gloves and table and all the bedside manners of a..... buffoon (?) she re diagnosed me to make sure I understood. " Your nose too big. Really mess up your face."
She gave me a moment to let this sink in. She seemed very grave...and politely gave me a minute to handle the heaviness of the situation. She even turned her back from me to allow me a moment. The seriousness of having a messed up face should have hit me with a little more emotion. Surely, this news must have deserved a moment of silence. I bit my lip. Not to restrain tears of sorrow....but, because I was trying to retain a giggle. I had to be mature and allow the solemn seriousness of the matter take hold. For goodness sake! This was VERY serious. I needed to pinch myself. Obviously. I mean: I have a messed up face. Why hasn't someone told me?? All this time I thought my big nose was genetics.....but NO!! It's been my waxers fault alllll these years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should have been feeling anger? You know- all these years with a messed up face could really cause a person some real emotional scar tissue. Dark  bitterness could take root. Uncertainty and trust issues- just around the corner! But the dark cloud of bitterness lifted suddenly- and a bright ray of hope and sunshine came into the room: With a big smile she cheerily said, "I can fix!"

The lady took about 20 minutes to un-mess up my face. She was quite pleased with the results.She kept admiring my eyebrows. She's a legend, I tell ya!
I couldn't really tell the fact, I don't FEEL "un-messed" up...nor does my nose appear any shorter...but she was very, very pleased with the results. Without asking she booked me another appointment for a few weeks from now- so that no one dare mess up her art of arching. She also gave me very firm instructions to NOT sleep on the right side of my head. It's causing one eyebrow to be too short. Hmmmm. She may be on to something there.
She gave me my appointment card. With a set date and time- which I guess I'm just EXPECTED to make work with my questions asked. I don't want to upset the Eyebrow Whisper.

SHINE- and ARCH!! :)  Cass