Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Angel

Since Jakey was about two years old we've had a Christmas tradition called "The Christmas Angel". It all started when a lady at a yard sale was tossing out a bunch of stuff- put it in a  FREE box and sent it home with my kids. The box had all sorts of junk in it- and one little blue mailbox with Santa Clause on the side of it.  Jakey seemed particularly fond of the little Christmas mailbox and its red flag. So, one night- just on a fluke I put Christmas candy in the mailbox. Sometime during the next day he found the candy in the mailbox and Sarah spontaneously  said "The Christmas Angel mailed you candy, Jake-Jake!!" And that was the beginning of one of our favorite Christmas traditions!

The Christmas Angel comes each night beginning sometime around December 10th  leading up to Christmas- bringing small toys, candy and various treats- usually wrapped up in a scripture verse telling about the birth of Jesus.  The Christmas Angel does not come on Sunday  Morning- because it's a "holy day" and she doesn't want to interfere with church preparations :)

The Christmas Angel is "magical" in that- sometimes.....she leaves a trail of glitter. And somehow-we know that the angel is a "SHE".  There's LOTS of speculation on Jakey's part regarding the Christmas Angel....last year he thought she was very tiny (like Tinkerbell) and she flitted about the world bringing good tidings. This year, he figures that she's VERY BIG and  I quote, "probably can hardly fit in our house because she has to carry Christmas Angel gifts across the whole universe. Probably even Mars!" Other speculations for reasons unknown to me- the Christmas Angel wears a braided bun like Princess Leia in Star Wars. And she has wings- but they stay under a cape. (A cape??? Hey, it's his Christmas Angel!)

This year the Christmas Angel has been particularly forgetful that to cover up her forgetfulness and not disappoint big blue eyes and a believing heart.....Mommy had to explain to Jake that maybe the Christmas Angel was playing a game? Maybe SHE DID COME....but, she wanted Jakey to search for the treat......and mommy had to scurry down the hall and tend to some very quick business!!!!  The Christmas Angel has sent Jake on a treasure hunt three times (so far) this year.   !!!!
 So, this explains our little Christmas Angel tradition. I'm seriously considering writing a children's book about the Christmas Angel and how she comes to homes with the special mailbox to bring Good Tidings of Great day....when there's peace on earth....and a silent night...I just may be writing about a little angel that puts the anticipation of the Christ child in the hearts of little children....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mothering In A Pinch....

Last night the kids and I were getting ready to go to the Fox 8/ Sealy Christmas concert at the coliseum.
Jacob reminded us that last year we went to the coliseum to see the Toy Story 3 on Ice program. He recalled that we bought popcorn, drinks and that we listened to Amy Grant music on the way there....then- he reminded me that I sprayed him with invisible spray.

WHAT? I asked him.  He said, "Remember that I didn't bring my coat with me and it was really cold and you made me wear Rebekah's pink coat and I started to cry because I didn't want to see Buzz Lightyear in a pink coat??"

Oh Yes! The memory was coming back......

He continued...."And you said that you had 'invisible spray' in your purse that would make it so that no one could see the dumb pink coat."

I was grinning from ear to ear at this point.

"Did it work?" I asked.

"Yes! No one ever saw that I had a pink coat on!!"

I now remember us standing in the coliseum parking lot and I pulled a travel size can of hairspray out of my purse and hosed him down with it.....and WAH-LAH.....the coat was invisible!!! :)

And, we enjoyed the show- without tears and without issues. ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Channeling Christmas

So, I'm not feeling all that Christmasy yet....and it seems the older I get, the harder it is to conger up the excitement that used to surge through me regarding the Holidays. It all seems so "chorish" now.

Anyhow, I'm not going to droll on about my lack of "Excelious Deo"....and will spare you the Bah-Humbugs. :)  In a true effort to embrace the "Spirit of Christmas Present" I drug my sled (that I bought for only $15 last September for this very purpose!!) and decorated it.  This is the first (and so far- ONLY) sign of Christmas  :/
I've got Christmas music on and sprayed some "Christmas Berry" air freshener.....may the Glorias in Excelious Deo's commence! :)


UPDATED:  I guess the Cmas spirit is slowly descending upon me....I managed to get a few more things done this afternoon....

Antique milk can makes a handy container for a fake $3 tree freshened up with fresh magnolia and cedar clippings.

Not too pleased with my door garland it needs to be spiffed up, but hey! it's hanging! :)  I have a small container I'm placing in front of the sled which will be full of winter greenery to hide the bottom of the sled....and I still have to put out my Christmas Welcome mat.....for now, this chick's Christmased out.