Monday, August 30, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today I was involved in my first ever TV commercial. The company I work for is airing a 30 second commercial for our walk in tubs. Today, we shot the commercial footage and streamlined the script. The commercial is only 30 seconds long, but it's amazing the amount of time that goes into THIRTY SECONDS!!!!

I was taken back this morning when I found out that I was the model for the commercial! They used my feet and hands- and I had to demonstrate getting in and out of the tub, and how easily it closes. Gosh. I wish I would have known before going!! It kinda wigged me out for a little bit. Just got me off guard.

Yesterday afternoon I worked for HOURS on getting the 90 words correct...and today-after shooting the commercial, I realize that I really need to start all over!

I'm working with really nice people, and they've made the whole process fun and easy. I look forward to seeing the results we get from the advertising. :)

In other news:

Gabe is in his dual-enrollment program with the tech college. He's been going for three weeks and is liking it, so far.

The kids and I are planning on going to Georgia this weekend for a campmeeting. I'm happy to see old friends and loved ones.

Jakey starts Kindergarten in ONE WEEK! Sarah starts Jr. High in ONE WEEK!! Rebekah starts High School in ONE WEEK! Wow. Just wow....that's all I can say!

The kids and I took on the project of making home made tomato soup a few weeks ago. Oh my goodness! SO much time and labor and materials....for 3 qts of soup. :(

I have been very slack in my photography. Very slack.

I am in the midst of lots of decision (aren't I always?) and am back to the drawing board on some stuff.

Hopefully, this upcoming trip will be the necessary distraction that I need.

Shine All Your Light- even when you don't feel too sunny! :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life's Crisco Moments

I'm reading a book called "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. The story takes place in Jacksonville, Mississippi in 1962.

The story (so far) is told in the words of a black maid who is wise, observant and doesn't miss a lick. This paragraph has stuck out to me. She had a son named Treelore who was in school and doing well. I loved this part of the book.

"Treelore didn't say nothing till he two either. By the time he in third grade, though, he get to talking better than the President a the United States, coming home using words like conjugation and parliamentary. He get in junior high and we play this game where I give him a real simple word and he got to come up with a fancy one like it. I say housecat, he say domesticized feline, I say mixer and he say motorized rotunda. One day I say Crisco. He scratch his head. He just can't believe I done won the game with something simple as Crisco. Came to be a secret joke with us, meaning something you can't dress up no matter how you try. We start calling his daddy Crisco cause you can't fancy up a man done run off on his family. Plus he be the greasiest no-count you ever known."

Yep. In my experience- somethings can't be white-washed or "fancied-up". As a mother, I have been guilty of sugar-coating truth. Truth hurts- and I have learned through the last several years that sometimes you swallow truth in small doses- and process it as you can. Some things are so "crisco" that not even a teaspoon of sugar helps it go down. Things like heartbreak.

Amy Grant has a song that says, "some truth you hold and some you let go"....I used to disagree with the lyrics. I thought- no, you never let go of truth. How naive I was. A few of lifes hard knocks have taught me- Yes, sometimes- you let truth take the good with the bad and essentuate the positive in your life....let the ugly go...cuz truth can be so ugly, so dark, that you just let it go. Send it away from you- as far as the east is from the west. This life has a lot of "crisco scenarios" in it and sometimes you just have to take the junk life brings and put the "crisco" to use by deep-frying the truth-cause anything deep-fried goes down easier and tastes better. And....The Lord's peace works as an antacid- which chases away the heartburn of life's "deep fried crisco moments."

Yesterday in a matter of three hours, my son changed "Career paths" four times. We went from graphic arts to journalism to advertising to engineering. Right now- we're holding steady with engineering.

Today, Jakey chose rocks out of our yard and painted them to reflect the animal that the rock resemebled. I love it.

Rebekah, my violinist, had picked up the guitar. She sits around singing "Ring of Fire" strumming the guitar. Um. What happened to El Shaddai or My Father's Eyes?

I completed an 8 week S.E.O. course yesterday. I made a 93% on the final exam. Now I can tell you what P^2/C, KEI, hashtables and SLS mean. Come on! Really folks, show some intrique! *LOL* I'm realizing that I'm more of a nerd than I want to admit.

I have lost more than 11 inches in all since starting at the gym in May.

Tomorrow we are taking advantage of the "Tax free" shopping days our state is offering. School shopping- here we come.

All of the photos were taken by me at my moms house on Tuesday.

Shine All your light,