Friday, May 6, 2011

Howie & The Big,Big Bug

My 20 month old nephew Howie came over today. Howie loves being outside- and his limited vocabulary has a stock of words relating to the outdoors such as: dog, tree, rock, big, ouchie, birdie, horsey, bike etc, etc.

However, his small arsenal of vocabulary lacked the word to relate to our pet desert tortoise, Lady Templeton.

So he relied on what he knew....."BIG BUG! BIG, BIG BUG!!!!"

I wasn't sure if he was going to try to step on her to squash her like a bug of that caliber would deserve!

He knew he wanted nothing to do with the BIG BUG. Nothing at all.

But she sure was interesting and worthy of observation. We kept saying "Turtle". And he kept saying "bug" in a very, very deep voice- a mixture of quiet reverance, fear and amazement.

He looked at me like a was completely and totally nuts when I told him to give her a kiss. I probably deserved it. And I probably am a little nuts...but that's a whole other blog. :)

He bravely touched her. With one finger. And kinda got the heeber-jeebers.

It took awhile for his juvenille brain to put it all together...but he did eventually. He pointed at her and said, "Turtle bug."  As far as I'm concerned. That works! :)
Wishing you all a great weekend- full of new words, new experiences and the opportunity to
Shine All Your Light!