Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I heart faces-Autumn Beauty Photo Challenge

This weeks photo challenge is Autumn Beauty. I couldn't help but think of the pictures my 13 year old took last week. ;)

This week is going by slow....and I can't wait for the weekend....but I started the week thinking about the weekend. :)The funny thing is- I don't have ANY plans for the weekend! LOL.

Jakey has been full of funny sayings this week. Today he said, "Mommy, if there are bulldogs- are there also buffalo dogs?" ??? Where does he come up with this stuff?

Gabe is still floating around on cloud 9-twitterpated to the gills.

Sarah completed Wilton's Cake Decorating Course #2 today. I'm soooo proud of her!!

Rebekah and I found out that our two fave music artists are doing a joint show next weekend. Amazing! :) Too bad we can't be there.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Place of Many Bridges

Jacob at our Autumn Campmeeting's Hallelujah Night bonfire.

Things have been chugging along here at a nice pace.I feel like I'm standing in a meadow of many bridges....each bridge leading to another chapter of my life...one that I can put off by not crossing that bridge. I may just stand in this pleasant (though static) meadow for awhile. The bridges lead to change...and right now, I'm just standing...content to be emotionally stagnant.

Our Autumn Campmeeting was one of the best in several years, in my opinion. Our Hallelujah Night (during campmeeting) was great. The kids had a lot of wholesome, old fashioned fun.

Jakey poses in his "Soldier King" costume. Not many of the children dress up at our Hallelujah Night, but Jakey wanted the costume so much...because it had a sword! :)

Here's a picture of my Dad in his shop helping Jacob (not my Jake- another Jacob) and the younger children work on their derby cars.

Jacob in all of his dirty-face glory beams about winning 3rd place in the derby race.

Aside from church- I live under a rock. However, my sheltered little domicile has had a lot of activity under it lately. My son has a girlie friend. He walks around in a twitterpated daze. He has a perpetual cheezy grin pasted across his face. He'll be sweeping the kitchen with a grin...and I know it has nothing to do with my choice of broom doing a superb job. Gabe informed me through his love-glazed eyes looking through rose colored glasses that I've NEVER felt the way he feels. I just smile at him....and secretly wonder if I'll ever feel that way again? I wonder if that bridge even exists.

Speaking of being in love: Today is Friday, which means that I have baby Howie. His weekly visit is the perfect ending to my work week. He smiles at my goofiness...my funny, squeaky words like " Howie-Zowie- Aunty Cass' baby-ka-schmammy." He understands me...and we grin foolishly at eachother. He's a bundle of happy snuggles that smiles in his sleep. Who could resist such pure love?

Jakey went to school with the big kids today. My mom is the teacher of our small private church school and he wanted to do preschool with 'Momert' (the Grandkids call her Momert...long story). Of course, my mother- the most giving, tireless, wonder woman of the world said- SURE! What's another child to look after and teach?
So, Jakey went to school- with a packed lunch and his little alphalfa style cowlick sprayed down. It was a test run for next year....and yet, I still got all teary eyed. I'm glad Howie was here....because I think I would have outright cried. I can wait for next fall. I don't want to cross that bridge either.

Autumn is quickly leading into winter. I have my favorite cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman's Winter Cookbook" out on the counter...tabbed with favorite recipes to make.I also have a Christmas list growing by the day of things to start purchasing.

THis weekends plans include going with my friends Dale and Robin to Hill Billy Hideaway. Its a little country restaurant that serves "Homestyle Southern" foods and has country and bluegrass style gospel singing and comedy on Saturday nights. It's my grandpa's favorite- and I have a feeling I'm going to love it too. I really can't wait.
On Sunday we're having an all out birthday bash at my sisters. We're celebrating FIVE birhtdays at once with a birthday dinner of Martha Stewart propotions!

I've made a deal with one of the men in our church to come and blow all the leaves off my yard (way tooooo many to rake!) in exchange for a homemade lasagna. :) Bartering is what it's all about these days!

My KAH girls had their award ceremony last Friday night and performed a skit acted out directly from the text of Proverbs 31. They were awesome....very well done...very creative! I can't wait to share the video! The girls have completed the Proverbs 31 badge...which was a whopper of a project! It took us over a year!

Pray for us. My children will be going to Mexico in December. I have some big decisions that have been put into motion, and some bridges that are better off left uncrossed.

Shine all your light,