Wednesday, September 29, 2010

RULE OF THIRDS For Walnut Cove Basic Photography Students

I was going to take the time to post my own lesson, but once I came across this this  I realized that your better off reading this and seeing their examples.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Sun, a Star and an Angel

The kiddos and I were headed home last night-and coming down our road this was our view:

I ran in and got my camera for obvious reasons!

I had to share these...I LOVE the way the light was coming in streams out of the clouds. Just beautiful!

As most of you know, I run a walk in tub company that sells bathtubs to people with limited mobility. So, my non-glam job involves speaking to elderly peeps about their various health ailments all day long...and sometimes I even sell a tub. (grin) This past week I got into one of those really long, drawn out conversations with a lady. We talked about everything from politics and religious views to hobos and varicose veins. (Seriously!)
Anyhow, after over an hour of talk- and me singing her a chorus of an Amy Grant song over the phone (yes, I'm still serious!) she purchased a tub from me.

Small sidenote here:My friend told me that sometimes he doesn't know if he feels more sorry for me who gets on the phone with a home-bound elderly person- or if he feels sorry for the home-bound elderly person who gets on the phone with a home-bound, socially deprived mom of four. :)

At any rate, even after me singing to her (which may be a new sales tactic that I should incorporate into all my sales pitches!) the lady purchased a walk in tub from me and told me who she was. However,I'm not at liberty to say who she was/ I mean IS...but I will say that she's a celebrity whose been in some pretty big films and whose rubbed elbows with some pretty prominent folks...and has even won an Emmy...and who was wonderfully down to earth and very fun to talk to. :) And.....she said that I sounded like Amy Grant. So...she's my new favorite actress! *ha!*

Can you believe that Howie has turned a year old? A whole year old!! He's such an turkey...I mean angel!!! :)

I'm still going to the gym...I'm still making the scales go back down towards zero- and each month I'm inches smaller-so it's worth the effort and expense. But more than's worth the DRIVE to the gym each morning. I admire the rural views and farm settings.Sarah and I were headed there on Tuesday and this is what we saw through the misty morning fog.

I put this photo through a filter program- and the original is actually much prettier- but I'm too lazy to run and get it off the other PC.

I hope everyone has a safe, fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Shine all your Light!!