Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's Life

I had a rough day. Not in a physically challenging kind of way.
I was determined that I was going to chill out this evening. I made a good dinner, we dined on the back deck (doesn't dined sound better than "ate"?)...just the kiddos and I.
As we "dined" on our dinner I was calculating the time, energy, and money that it took to plant our small crop of greenbeans late this summer. We've had one dinner from the small plot of ground. By my calculations- our small pan of green beans tonight was worth about $27. Ha! And ya know what? They were good! But not $27 good. Next year- we'll expand our garden. Do bulk
So, after dinner, our $27 side of greenbeans and clean up...I was determined to sit back and relax. I went into the bathroom to run my bathwater. As I started the jacuzzi jets-I noticed how dirty the toiletbowl was. How could i possibly sit back and relax with that???
Soon after, I climbed into the bubbling inferno of hydrojets with my Southern Living magazine. I laid back and closed my eyes. I tossed the magazine over the side and decided to just veg. After a minute or so I opened my eyes. WHAT IN THE WORLD?? I was surrounded with black goopy crud all in the tub. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I drained. Rinsed. Rinsed again. First the toilet and now THIS!
After an hour I had done three cleansing cycles on the jacuzzi...by then I was tooo tired to take a relaxing bath- and besides after filling the tub up that many times there wasn't any hot water left AND Jakey was insistent that it was past his bedtime.

I laugh now. I laugh to keep from crying from sheer exhaustion and frustration. All I can do is chalk it up as one of those things and say THATS LIFE! Btw- if you want to know HOW to clean your jacuzzi jets....here's the mixture:
½ cup of bleach, 2 tablespoons of diluted Cascade dishwasher granules in a little bit of water. Fill the tub above the jets Start jet massage and let run for approx. 10 minutes. Turn off and let stand for about 10 minutes. Empty tub. Let stand for another 10 minutes Fill the tub above the jets with fresh water Start jets for about 5 minutes Stop the jets and empty the tub Repeat this procedure at least twice initially and maintain a regular maintenance schedule for optimum performance of your jetted unit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I is Me.

About a year ago I was going to have a small sign made for my kitchen that said, "Country Girl at Heart". My sister asked Who is that for?? (lol) She laughed when I told her it was me. She wasn't being mean...she just looked at me like my body was possessed by another being.

Then- I post on FB that I would like to build a chicken coop and have chickens. BOTH of my sisters chime in regarding how this notion seems so UNLIKE me.

So, I'll keep my secret desire for a pet lamb to myself for awhile. ;)

Yes, I admit...you are more likely to come to my house and find me working on a blog, downloading a new texture filter for Photoshop or scrolling through my phone at FB updates. LOL. However- that doesn't reallllly define me. Not really. Right? Just because that's what I do- doesn't meant that's who I am? Okay. That wasn't a good argument. (sigh)

I've had lots of changes in my life. Most recently, I've moved farther into the country and although I am living squarely between two houses-both within shouting distance.. my property goes wayyyyyyyy back....like to my sisters house. (grin)

My little "trial gardening" stint has gone well....and next Spring I plan on enlarging the plot from 3 little rows to 3 BIG rows. :) I'm pacing myself.

So, although you see me as a blogging geek- wearing Lisa Loeb glasses, fully integrated and wireless, app loving, i-pod wearing girl...in my heart I love red rainboots...and potting sheds and the idea of having a chicken coop...with a window box. It may not last long....but at least I'll know that I tried. :)

Back to the case inpoint: I am me. I may not fit in a box- (in fact, I know I don't-cuz, Jakey and I were playing hide and seek...and....well, that's another blog) and I may not subscribe to Farmer's Almanac- and I don't fore-see me growing acre's of organic cotton or becoming a working farm hand ...
There's that little part of me that wants an adventure outside of the office... to dig, watch things grow and maybe- just maybe one day get outside and collect eggs in the wee morning hours...right after I had a grande caffe' vanilla light latte and have updated my Facebook status. :)