Friday, January 14, 2011

52 Challenge

A lot of photographers are doing the 365 challenge (fyi- that means they're posting a new picture each and every day.)  I would love to think that I would be up to snuff to do the challenge- but the truth is that I wouldn't be able to make time to post a picture each and every day. So, I will do it my way....I'll post one picture each weekend. Hopefully, like the 365 Challenge- you'll see creative and artistic growth in my photography- and maybe even get to know me better through the year. ;)

And- since this is the 3rd weekend of the year- I will go ahead and post 3 pictures for the past few weekends I've missed....because one of my New Year's Resolutions is to stop procrastinating and always be running I want to start off "caught up".  :)

This picture is from my Uncle Jim's funeral last Friday. My mom comes from a family of 11 brothers and sisters. This pic is of some of her siblings and some of their's difficult to get everyone together...and once they ARE together it's twice as hard to get them all in one photo-looking straight-eyes open, heads back...well, you get the picture. :)

Taken 1-09-11 Ice on Zebra grass.

My Uncle's service was very touching. This is of one of the military men presenting the flag to my Aunt Media. I wish I had a better view- but I was quite a ways back and didn't get the flag in the photo nor the fact that the presenter had tears in his eyes....nevertheless, it's still a touching photo.

Until next weekends Challenge....Shine all your light- and snap a pic or two! :)


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spazz Begats Spazzes

So. For Christmas I buy my sweet, feminine, lovely, set-apart daugthers facial masks and cleansers as stocking stuffers. I was envisioning an evening of us girls sitting around doing ped's and facials...listening to classical music and using fancy lotions.
 Because....I like to pretend we're normal. Make you think that we're just like everyone else....we do normal things like pop popcorn and drink cocoa on snowy nights at home.

But- in reality- this is how our pseudo cozy night at home goes..... Kiddles (Rebekah) puts on the stress relieving masks and realizes with great delight that it will scare the snot out of her little brother (which it did!)....and one thing led to another....and here is some of the outcome.....

Kiddles thought she looked really she decided to eat her sister.....because creepy people eat their siblings.

And what goes better with a slab of arm than hair and brains???

And....just to not completely creep you out...and so that you don't think we're totally off our rockers- let me leave you with one of those pictures that implies deep meditative thoughts, warm fuzzies and all the wonderful things that normal people impart.... HA!

Yesterday morning- I went out at sunrise to take some pictures of the ice storm....yes, normal people go outside in their PJ's and boots to take pictures of ice- right??? Right?? Say YES- or I'll sic my flesh eating daughter on you! :)

Shine All Your Light!


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