Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Silent Phone

Sunday was Mother's Day and my son didn't call. The girls organized a lunch at our new home- making my all-time favorite dinner: Enchiladas, guacamole, and bean dip. I kept my phone in the kitchen, in case he called. Rebekah and Sam, Jake and Sarah and myself set the table, served the food and enjoyed each other's company over a great lunch.
We rented a DVD and watched The Penguins of Madagascar. I had my phone in my lap- in case he called.
We cleaned the kitchen. Opened a beautiful gift from my girls that Rebekah so thoughtfully picked out and wrapped. Later in the evening Jakey and I walked the Skip around the new neighborhood....and I carried my phone: in case he called.

I set up my bookcases upstairs. Hauled a million boxes that weighed a million pounds up the flight of stairs....thinking out loud how wonderful it would be if he were there to carry the boxes.

I wanted to vacuum my room but was afraid I wouldn't hear the phone ring over the noise.  So, I organized my closet. And my bathroom. And changed sheets. I checked my phone umpteen times to see if it was accidently on a silent setting? Or set to vibrate? But it wasn't. Not any of the umpteen times I checked.

Eventually, it dawns on me the one day set aside for all sons to call their mothers....and your son has something more important that requires all of his focus. But I understand, because he's being trained to protect and serve. He has a higher purpose. He must be doing Army hero stuff- in classes about saving lives and overthrowing terrorist states. He's learning to put other's needs ahead of his own.  If he can put other's needs in front of his own, then I can too. I can wait until who knows when... for that call to come. I will be waiting....checking to make sure my phone isn't on silent, making sure I have a fully charged battery.